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I am trying to recreate a transparent png image so that I can place my featured item in this glowing space

What is the technique used here to accomplish the smooth glowing white effect in Photoshop?

Sorry if this is not the place to post this, just trying to figure out a slick way of accomplishing something like this on my page.

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  • First create a layer and fill it with your background color.
  • create a new layer above the first layer
  • in this layer create a circle with the marquee tool then fill it with white
  • Ctrl/Cmd + D to deselect the circle.
  • make sure the circle layer is still selected, (the circle should not have marching ants around it)
  • apply a radial filter (setting about 50 select zoom)
  • repeat as desired
  • then apply a gaussian blur to the layer, (pretty high setting, play around with it)
  • You can then adjust the opacity of the layer as necessary

remember you can use your history view to step back and readjust things as necessary

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