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I would like to include one awk sript (logtool) which will use an opened notepad++ file to perform some filtering on the file, I used to make it in ultraedit very simply, How can I make it run in Notepad ? the script file is named logtool.exe and I would like to integrate it with argument for example logtool.exe /[F] to perform processing with the current file

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you may want to change the title of the question from "Include a script in notepad" to "Include a script in Notepad++". maybe also add the "notepad++" and "script" tags – Xantec Nov 8 '10 at 16:33
add a button in source code and recompile notepad++ is my solution, but it's probably more work than you wanted – RobotHumans Nov 8 '10 at 19:35

This is easy with Notepad++ plugin NppExec.

In the NppExec console window, just type:

  logtool.exe $(FULL_CURRENT_PATH)

(You may have to put the full path to logtool.exe).

If this is what you're after, and if you use it a lot, you could "productionise" this by making it an internal macro within Notepad++ and associating it with a keyboard shortcut. That would save some typing.

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