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The scenario is as follows:

Machine A is located behind client firewall. The machine runs telnetd. This is Linux machine with Python 2.5.4 installed. I do not know the IP addy of the router and firewall is not open incoming. outgoing firewall is open.

Machine B (Windows machine) is a server with well known IP address. I can install any programs I want on either machine.

The idea is that I want Machine A to open a socket to machine B. Then I want to hold that socket and use to run a telnet session from Machine B to Machine A telnetd server.

Is there any freeware that does this? Thoughts? Thanks!

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telnet is soooo 1980s... I cannot believe you're running telnet in this day and age.... whatever happened to ssh? – t0mm13b Nov 8 '10 at 21:38

You probably want to setup an SSH tunnel, if possible.

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