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I am looking for a very simple email client for Linux, Crunchbang specifically.

All I want for it to do is email. No calendar, todo, etc features. I would also prefer for it to be GUI-based because all of the CLI email clients I've used have been very difficult to set up and in some cases haven't worked with my email provider (MobileMe).

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You won't find one that has no features. Claws is among the light ones though.

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I'd have to suggest Thunderbird. Not lean and mean perhaps, but not OVER-burdened with features you won't use. It's simple to install and well supported. That to me is more important than sheer size (or lack of size in this case).

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Also, features like Calendar and Todo are kept separate in the Calendar add-on. – Firefeather Nov 10 '10 at 15:17

Even if you want GUI, mutt cannot be left unmentioned.

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You may find Anjal a good possibility as well. From their website:

Anjal is a lite UI built on top of Evolution and uses 95% of Evolution code for its experience. Anjal was built to suit the smaller screens and low memory devices. Particularly Netbooks and the mobile segments. It has a very interesting UI, that is TOUCHable and consumes less memory and deals efficiently on the real estate for the small screens.

I haven't tried it myself, so I'm not sure whether it excludes Evolution's extra features like calendar.

Here's a screenshot: Anjal Screenshot

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