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As explained here you can set auto login for a user account in Windows XP by setting the right option in control userpasswords2.

My question is now: Is it possible to have this autologin delayed - say 10 or 20 seconds - to allow another user to login instead?

We have this family PC with a 80/10/10 usage pattern, so we think it would make sense to have the 80% user login automatically and allow the 10% users as small delay to login instead.

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Delayed : No, but disabled once : Yes.

From MSGina.dll Features :

If the SHIFT key is held down during the boot process, MSGina.dll will ignore the AutoAdminLogon key value and prompt the user for identification and authentication information interactively.

You can use this method to temporarily disable automatic logon at startup, by simply pressing and holding the Shift key during the boot.

Once the logon screen is displayed, do not continue to hold the shift key, as this will disable some startup programs (source).

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harrymc - "Once the logon screen is displayed, do not continue to..." : As I understand the logon-shift-key description you linked to, this applies to the time after the user entered his password and the logon itself is in progress? – Martin Nov 12 '10 at 14:38
It would really be interesting to know when "during the boot process" actually starts and ends. – Martin Nov 12 '10 at 14:39
Yes, the Shift also plays a (different) part during the logon process after the logon screen (just mentioned it for completeness). The duration for pressing: The best answer I can give is after the BIOS boot part and before the logon screen. You may have to experiment. – harrymc Nov 12 '10 at 15:26

While I am not aware of such an option,

You may want to look into fast user switching:

This would enable your main user to autologon and stay logged in while the other users just switch while they are using the computer.

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