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Hi Im looking at buyign this MB:

Im wondering though if the chipset will support the raid configuration I need. Im looking to configure the following arrays:

raid array 1: 2 2TB Disks in Raid 0

raid array 2: 2 2TB Disks in Raid 0

raid array 3 (not actualy an array): 1 300GB Disk not in raid, to be used for OS and boot.

So in total there would be 5 drives and the board supports 6. so im good when it comes to connections. However I have herd some chip sets only support one raid array (volume). so either all drives are individual, or are in the array. I must have 2 sperate raid arrays independent of each other, and a 5th drive not in any array.

Anybody know if this setup will work?

Thanks, -Stewart

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You can have 2 RAID volumes on that MB:


Hi Joe

You can have up to two RAID volumes.


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