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Is there any other alternative for the most popular custom firmware for the router, dd-wrt and tomato. I have a tp-link wr340g router. And its not supported on both. I want the QOS(quality of service) feature to be added to my routers functions because I only have limited connection speed(.47Mbps). And I am sharing it with 1 person. I want to be able to have a bigger portion of that little .47Mbps.

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I am afraid your router's flash and memory sizes are too small : 2MB Flash, 8MB RAM.

This is why there is no alternative firmware for this router.

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Pretty much any Linux-based firmware requires at least 4MB flash. – LawrenceC May 6 '12 at 18:38

it's just a g router. you can get supported routers for 20 bucks on a bunch of different sites. i know it technically doesn't answer your question but it's a much easier route.

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Have you looked into OpenWrt? When I Googled, I see there was mentioned of this model router.

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The Wiki for the similar WR340GD says: "Due the small amount of flash and RAM it cannot be offically supported by OpenWrt". – harrymc Nov 9 '10 at 13:30

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