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Running Freenas 0.7.2 (5543) and Transmission 2.11

The problem it that i can not save a torrent where ever i want..

For example... I can save in: /nmt/1-500gb/Tv/dexter but i can not save in /nmt/4-1000gb/tv/Lost

When i try to save in the lost folder I get a permission denied error in the Web interface.

But when I try to save the same torrent file in the dexter folder everything works fine...

This is probably an easy thing to fix, but I'm new to Freenas.

The user name for Transmission is TorrentUser if that helps.

Now I find out that I can not browse the disk in Quixplorer.. I can browse nmt/4-1000gb/ but not /nmt/1-500gb When I try to browse the nmt/4-1000gb/ I get

Unable to read directory

$ mount

/dev/md0 on / (ufs, local)

devfs on /dev (devfs, local)

procfs on /proc (procfs, local)

/dev/fuse1 on /mnt/5 - 500gb (fusefs, local, synchronous)

/dev/fuse2 on /mnt/2 - 1000gb (fusefs, local, synchronous)

/dev/fuse3 on /mnt/3 - 1000gb (fusefs, local, synchronous)

/dev/fuse4 on /mnt/4 - 1000gb (fusefs, local, synchronous)

/dev/fuse5 on /mnt/320GB - USB (fusefs, local, synchronous)

/dev/md1 on /var (ufs, local)

/dev/da0a on /cf (ufs, local, read-only)

/dev/fuse0 on /mnt/1 - 500gb (fusefs, local, synchronous)

Dont work :

1 - 500gb

2 - 1000gb

3 - 1000gb


320GB - USB

4 - 1000gb

5 - 500gb

And this 3 disk is the same disks that I can save my torrents to.

Ps. Every disk works perfect when i use ftp...

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It something wrong in the root folder.. if i use Quixplorer and try to enter the 2 - 1000gb disk i get the error... but if i type "…; I can se the folder "Moives" (2 - 1000gb/Movies/) so what now? – Torbjörn Karlsson Nov 9 '10 at 18:23

Go to your FreeNAS web interface and browse to Advanced > Command.

From here, execute the following command:

chown -R transmission /nmt/4-1000gb/tv/Lost

(are you sure it isn't /mnt/ instead of /nmt/?)

You mentioned that your Transmission user name is TorrentUser, so if the above doesn't work you could also try this:

chown -R TorrentUser /nmt/4-1000gb/tv/Lost
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I'm assuming you have SSH access to the machine. My guess is that transmission doesn't have write access to that drive.

Try running:

chmod 777 /nmt/4-1000gb/ -R

That should grant all users read/write/execute permission to the /mnt/4-100-gb/ drive/directory (including the user which transmission is running as).

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