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Yesterday, I installed ubuntu version 9.04 using wubi. It is working fine, but today it asks to upgrade to 9.10 and I follow the instructions. I upgraded successfully, and it asks to restart the system. When I restarted the system, it is showing DOS like window with some error. How can I solve this issue, because it is not starting?

I installed both windows and ubuntu.

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I'm guessing this is the problem:… – akid Nov 9 '10 at 16:43

Yesterday, I installed ubuntu version 9.04 using wubi.

If you just installed 9.04, why not try the newest version 10.10? You can download it here. A fresh install is better than an upgrade. If you really want 9.10, do a fresh install instead of an upgrade. You should only consider an upgrade if you had data and programs installed you didn't want to lose/transfer.

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