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Is it possible to "Unpublish" an InfoPath template, so that the template file can be used, regardless of where the file is retrieved from?

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This sounds like it might be what you are after. The following information was found at

  1. Launch InfoPath.
  2. In the Fill Out A Form dialog box, select the All Forms category.
  3. Select the form template you want to remove from the InfoPath cache.

If you do not see the form template listed, select All Forms from the list of Form Categories at the top left of the Fill Out A Form dialog box.

  1. Click Remove This Form from the list of Form Tasks at the top right of the dialog.
  2. Close InfoPath.

If the above steps fail and you find the old for template is still loading you can try one of the following:

  1. Choose Run from the Start menu, type infopath /cache clearall, and then click OK.
  2. Manually delete cached InfoPath template in the cache folder located at:

    [Vista]: C:\Users\\AppData\Local\Microsoft\InfoPath\FormCache2 [XP]: C:\Documents and Settings\\Local Settings\Application Data\Microsoft\InfoPath\FormCache2

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No, unfortunately not. I want the file to be useable on another user's machine (ie sent by e-mail). I may need to ask another (better thought out) question. – C. Ross Nov 9 '10 at 21:46
Would you like for me to delete the answer since you are going to rewrite your question? – David Nov 9 '10 at 21:58

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