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Anyone familiar with the quality/security of the secure erasure application ERASER?

Or come across any articles from experts about it?

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I did found this case study that is mentioning Heidi:

A free tool (donations accepted) that is very robust and allows you to wipe free space (more accurately called “unallocated clusters”) as well as slack space (also called “cluster tips”) is Eraser. In addition, it includes the ability to configure your system to wipe the page file at shutdown. It includes a scheduler to allow you to schedule how frequently you would like the program to run. It is a well-designed and easy to use application.

Source: (PDF from 2006) - Page 11

The case study references this comparsion: (also from 2006)

They list Eraser (when it was still developed by Sami Tolvanen) as Recommended, and this for any version that was available at that time.

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With over 900,000 downloads, CNET has a pretty good rating on it, located here:

I've personally used it in conjunction with products like Recuva, and without a hitch it does do it's job at least on the low level stuff.

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[I wouldn't trust cnet ](…) though i often recommend eraser for easy security wiping – Journeyman Geek Dec 13 '11 at 5:31

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