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Is there software similar to Source Insight that works under a Linux system?

I am really fed up with my vim editor.

Using Source Insight, you can import all the files into one project, and after you build the project, you can navigate of source code(find references quickly, view call graphs and class tree diagrams).

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Why don't you use Eclipse? –  Owen Nov 10 '10 at 8:00
Thanks for your comments.Yes I am using it.The problem is when i import the source code from cvs,i can do the source code build by right clicking the name of the project which listed in the project explorer,then click index->rebuild.But if i import the code form svn there is no such option at all if you right click the project's name.So its very hard to the get the function declaration and references. –  david zhu Nov 10 '10 at 8:50

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