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I know how to commit a file and add a file on a linux svn but how do I commit or add a file to my assembla svn from linux ?

Let's say I am working on my project:

svn co

so I have:


Now I have made a new file into it, let's call it fileX:

  • What options do I have to add or commit that file to my assembla project FROM LINUX ?

I have tried to create the file inside the trunk folder and run the below commands without success:

svn add fileX
svn up
svn ci


root@server:/test/trunk# svn add
root@server:/test/trunk# svn ci

I hope my question looks clear and that this could be asked here other wise I kindly ask it to be moved to the right SX network.

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Assembla provides standard Subversion as a hosted service.

If you can check out the project as you write, then the commands you list for adding and committing a file should also work. There is probably something else going wrong.

What output do you get from svn add fileX; svn ci? Any error messages? What makes you believe the commands failed?


If svn add works as expected, but svn ci just does nothing, then check:

  • Does Subversion actually show the file as modified? Make sure it is listed with "M" if you do svn status.
  • svn ci will invoke an editor for the commit message if you don't provide one. Try giving a commit message explicitly (-m "first commit"), to see if there's a problem with launching the editor.
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update the question with what the commands output, thanks for the input. – Prix Nov 10 '10 at 9:22
Sorry forget to mention, after doing both commands browsed assembla and no files were there nor anything that is why. – Prix Nov 10 '10 at 9:31
Seems like the problem was the editor, using -m worked just fine for some reason ... at the worst I was expecting an error to show up or something but nothing came up. thanks for the help :) – Prix Nov 10 '10 at 12:46

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