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I will be staying in a country that has Internet censorship in the near future (it's one of these countries: ) and I would like to ask for freeware software recommendations that will allow me to access blocked websites while being able to use the normal, no-proxy connection for unblocked websites (for faster access), preferably by allowing to add the blocked websites to a whitelist.

Although my preferred browser is Opera, I am also looking into solutions with Chrome or Firefox. The OS I will be using is Windows 7.

Also preferable, but not required, is if the proxy has fast access speed (ping and bandwidth).

Note: I already tried the proxy software, Freegate with the Firefox proxy management extension, FoxyProxy (has a whitelist that allows a blocked website to be accessed thru proxy while allowing the rest to use the normal, non-proxy connection) but I get this error page when trying to access a website thru proxy: , which basically states that the servers gives out higher priority to China and Iran-based users (understandably), making only a limited number of sites available to Non-China or Non-Iran-based users. As I will not be staying in China or Iran, Freegate will be of limited usefulness to me.

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This isn't exactly what you're asking for (as it isn't selective), but have you considered using a plain VPN service?

I've used iPredator in the past when in similar situations and its bandwidth has been ample, almost indistinguishable from my ISP's connection.

However, I couldn't comment on whether using an 'obvious' VPN provider would be blocked by TPTB in your destination country.

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Does iPredator have a free version? I prefer free (as in beer) software and/or proxies. – galacticninja Nov 11 '10 at 9:19

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