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I have an excel spreadsheet with two cells in each row that I'd like to merge. Highlighting all the cells of interest and just merging from the cell formatter seems to just merge all the cells together, when instead I just want one merged cell per row. Any ideas how to do this?

I should note that one of the columns contains values (all are either true/false) and the other column is just a null cell.

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  1. Merge the two cells in the first row by selecting Home > Alignment > Merge Cells command.
  2. Select the merged cell and select Home > Clipboard > Format Painter.
  3. Click and hold the first cell on the next row, and select all the range by dragging your mouse. (For example, if you merged cells A1 and B1 in the previous step, now select range A2:B99.)
  4. Excel applies the merge command individually to each row and you're done.
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This is certainally the better method of the two. +1 –  Joe Taylor Nov 10 '10 at 14:35

Excel has (had?) a Merge Across function. It's not on any of the toolbars by default, but is available as a customization. I usually add it to my Formatting toolbar, after the Merge Cells and Unmerge Cells buttons. (Right-click the toolbar, choose Customize, go to the Commands tab, select Format in the Categories list on the left, scroll down to find Merge Across, drag it to wherever you'd like.) Once it's on your toolbar, you can merge across however many cells with a single click. Important: Note that merging keeps the leftmost value only!

Unfortunately, Excel 2007/2010 has totally broken/gotten rid of the whole customization feature, so if you're using one of the newer versions, you're stuck doing the Format Painter thing.

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"Merge Across" is still there, it's just hidden inside the "Merge & Center" button/dropdown. –  AviD Jan 1 '12 at 13:47

as long as you do not have anything in the cells you want to merge then this method should work. merge the first two, then copy the merged cell. now select all the cells that you want to merge in the same fashion and paste.

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Unfortunately, I do have something in one of the columns. All the values are either true or false, so will this work if I sort by true/false and then do your method? –  jlv Nov 10 '10 at 13:47
It worked by just sorting out by values first, and then applying your method. –  jlv Nov 10 '10 at 14:07

Simply merge a couple of cells the way they should be, then copy the resulting cells and then Paste- Paste formatting on the other rows/columns. (Excel 2010)

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Highlight the range of cell by -

Clicking on the drop down arrow next to "merge & center".

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