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For some reason I can not use my left or right SUPER key which is also known as the Windows key. I used to use it to activate some Compiz Fusion effects like Expo by pressing left SUPER + e.

I have tried to see if I could solve this by going to System > Preferences > Keyboard Shortcuts but I did not see how to solve this there. I did however see that under Action > Desktop there was a Expo Key action that had Mod4+E as its shortcut. I tried to change a random disabled shortcut to see if I could input Mod4 by using the SUPER key but when I press the left SUPER key I get XF86MenuKB. When I tried this with the right SUPER key I will get XF86ScreenSaver. What are these two shortcuts?

I assume that this is the reason why my SUPER keys are not working. After all when I press them I get XF86MenuKB and XF86ScreenSaver when I assume I should be getting Mod4 at least for the left SUPER key.

Here is a screen shot of some of my keyboard shortcuts. You can see all the shortcuts that start with XF86. The ones related to sound I have discovered refer to the set of 6 media buttons on the top of my laptop's keyboard. The other ones below it I do not know about. Also notice the Expo shortcut below. alt text

Also I have gone to System > Preferences > Keyboard (Keyboard Preferences) > Layouts (tab) > Options (Keyboard Layout Options) and I selected Hyper is mapped to Win-keys but this did not help either. I also did not help when I have it at its default settings.

alt text

So any idea on how to get my right and left SUPER keys working again?

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See my answer to question: How can I make my Super keys (Windows Key) behave more like Ctrl/Alt/Shift in Linux. Maybe it will help you. In short: try Meta is mapped to Win keys setting.

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