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For some reason my home broadband isn't resolving a geolocation inside Chrome, this isn't a problem at work.

Is it possible to set a default or a fall back location in Chrome if the lookup fails?

Happy to hack this in somehow, as its making my testing a nightmare. (Well it means my exception handling is working I suppose..)

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No luck on the official side.

On the not so official side, however, there is a "geolocation" object in the configuration file (assuming you are on OSX, otherwise you'll have to look for this file)

~/Library/Application Support/Google/Chrome/Local State

that contains the server address

Maybe (and I emphasize maybe) if you change this address to something you can control, you can feed Chrome with the location you want.

I don't have the opportunity at the moment to test it, but I will in a few hours and will report back my results.

In the meanwhile, if you want to give it a shot...

EDIT: I thought I would have had a chance in a few hours... turns out I didn't and I won't for the day, sorry...

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