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Does the gigabyte ex58 ud4p board come with built in wireless?

I find it strange the guy at the store didn't try and sell me one.

So is it built in?

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Choose a good PCI Adapter.

  • Avoid Adapters that are not PCI (like USB, Bluetooth) if you want good performance
  • Try to match the Adapter with your Access-Point/Router hardware
    • Select the two together if you do not already have the AP
  • Check which wireless you want
    • If you have the AP already, that will bias your decision for the Adapter wireless
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+1 for matching Adapter to AP – pavsaund Aug 11 '09 at 6:53

No, all it has is that gigabit ethernet.

If you want wireless, you'll have to install a wireless NIC, e.g.:

w1reles5 n3tw0rk adapt3r

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