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I am looking for a program to be run on Windows Vista that would listens to a TCP/IP port and execute or emulate a keyboard's key stroke (or a combination of keystrokes, such as Ctrl + D). It's like AAC Keys, except that AAC Keys only listens to serial port.

Thanks and appreciated!

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You can program something in AutoIt for that. Look at the TCP function set and the Send() function. TCPListen() in particular will listen for TCP connections on a specified port and TCPAccept() will check and accept the connection to the created socket, and the Send() function emulates any keystrokes you want. You can use a conditional in a loop to check the socket for an accepted connection and perform a keystroke set of your choice once accepted.

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This just it, thanks a lot! – Eddy Nov 11 '10 at 13:21

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