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I go to different clients and they all have their networks with different proxy settings. So I'm always having to change the proxy settings and saving the info in a notebook, and it becomes a pain after a while.

So, any good way to save all those proxies and have them recognize the network I'm on and load up?

Currently I maintain two: one in IE for clients, and none in Firefox for when I'm at home.

And I think the last network I was on asked me to save the proxy and I think it went to system settings. But I don't know much about networking.

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Possible duplicate of this question

Proxy Switcher offers that capability, for automatic it looks like you'd need buy the Pro version.

Firefox extension FoxyProxy would be an option for Firefox, but doesn't really meet your requirements.

If you can script, you can do it yourself. How to write a proxy config script

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