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I'm looking for a software I once stumbled over but forgot to bookmark:

I think it was an open source or freeware program. It could be used to generate colorful images by specifying some parameters and colors.

It could generate images that look similar to when you use your photo camera to snap pictures of lights in the dark but don't focus the lens - similar to this picture for example: http://www.freeimageslive.co.uk/free_stock_image/christmaslights0jpg

The program was available at least for Windows, but I think it was also for other systems.

Does that sound familiar to anyone? Please help.

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Could it be Hot Spot Studio? It's portable and freeware.

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It's not the program I am looking for, but quite similar to it. Considering the screenshots it seemed to have much more options that the user can set. –  BlaM Nov 12 '10 at 9:57

You could use Inkscape for creating bokeh, the visual effect you refer to:


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