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I have a CSV file with following syntax

7   11/11/2010 10.59.54 marty86ce   2.499
8   11/11/2010 10.59.57 marty86ce   2.533
9   11/11/2010 11.00.00 marty86ce   2.516
10  11/11/2010 11.00.03 marty86ce   2.508

I have to plot on the 5h column on the vertical axis (RTT in milliseconds from a network experiment) and the time, even approximate, of the measure on the horizontal axis.

I noticed that pasting the graph I produced so far into Word, and resizing it to make it smaller, shows only the date.

I would like to get the hour only from the second column to plot into the graph.

Can you help me? Thank you.

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=MID(B1,FIND(" ",B1)+1,FIND(".",B1)-FIND(" ",B1)-1)

This uses the space after the date and the period after the hour to isolate that hour number.

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