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Which software software can you recommended to run a DLNA media server on Windows? I am using Windows Vista. It can be open source or commercial software.

I want see videos with the TV device that are saved on the PC hard disk. I have connected the TV and the PC but now I need a software to stream the media.

I have read that is should be possible with the Windows Media Player 11 but it is not very good.

Any suggestions?


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It is certainly possible with media player 11, however I'm not sure what "not very good" means. It works, are there other features you are looking for?

Thanks for the answer. I have read it on searching with Google. I will test it now with the media player. – Horcrux7 Nov 13 '10 at 13:30

I use PS3 Media Server. Works flawlessly and grabs stuff from the web. My only gripe with it (apart from being written in Java :) ) is that it doesn't recognise filesystem updates dynamically. It is totally free too. Or try XBMC whch is free too and some consider to to be the gold standard of interface loveliness.

Alternatively: There's Twonky, Tversity, and now Mezzmo really looks good.


Free LXiMedia - - supports just about every file format, and is not made in Java.

A DLNA compatible, fully transcoding, media server designed for serving media (movies, TV shows, music, photos) to DLNA compliant televisions and media players (Streamium, PS3, XBox 360). Also subtitles and audio language selection are supported.

Best one I can find.


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