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I've just installed Microsoft Office Home and Student 2007 in Windows XP SP3

When trying to run MS word or any other office app (Excel, PowerPoint), I get the following message: this application has failed to start because the application configuration is incorrect

This also happens with other applications, for instance, Acrobat Reader.

A bit of Googling around this error message suggests that this might be due to a mismatch of library versions. In fact, most of the articles and forum messages I found mention a programmer writing an application in Visual C++ and sending it to someone else, who then runs into that error. This is hardly my case !

I looked into Office's files and the manifest file for Excel suggests that Office is trying to use Microsoft VC80.CRT version 8.0.50608.0. However, in my Windows System folder, I can only find the assemblies for 8.0.50727.762

My next step will be trying to find version 8.0.50608.0. How can I find and download it ?

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You can download Microsoft Visual C++ 2005 SP1 Redistributable Package (x86) 8.0.50608.0 from <>

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this is the actual download for 8.0.50608.0. The above post is for SP1 which is 8.0.50727.762.

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Actually it appears Microsoft has provided the 8.0.50727.42 installer here. No luck so far in finding a download for 8.0.50608.0.

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