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Can anyone suggest any simple Windows software that just takes a single-page input file (jpg or otherwise) and prints it on 2x2, 3x3, 4x4 pages?

My old Canon inkjet printer could print posters: in the printer settings, I could select that my page should be printed as 2x2 or 3x3 or 4x4 pages instead. This was the simplest way ever to make big printouts. I could also tell it to only print e.g. part 3 and 5 of the poster. The output even had cut&glue marks! So I'd just create my art in a paint program and print it though the Canon printer.

Alas, the Canon died and was replaced by a HP multifunction monster which doesn't have this poster-printing ability. I've googled for alternatives and found a few stand-alone applications in which I'd have to create the poster, then it would print it on whatever number of pages needed. Nice, but a total overkill in terms of features and effort.

Must have:

  • Must handle DIN A4 page size.
  • Must work on Win7 and WinXP.
  • Must work with HP Touchsmart inkjet printer.

Should have:

  • Should be freeware. If not freeware then there must be a trial available. My budget is around $25.
  • Should accept an input file that I've made in another application (JPG preferred).
  • Should not require that I create the poster in the application; I want to use existing files. A simple file-import is acceptable.
  • Should have cut&glue marks or other alignment hints.
  • Should not be as fugly and Win3.1-ish as the Poster8 application mentioned above.
  • Should allow only printing specific parts of the poster. To preview the final output, I want to be able print just the first&last page, and if they're fine then I want to print the remaining pages.
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Hah, after saving this question I found a linked question that didn't show up in my searches or in the suggestions while composing this question:

PosteRazor is free for Windows, Mac and Linux. It supports many input format and outputs to a PDF file with several pages, each containing a part of the poster.


It doesn't have cut&glue marks, but it fully meets all my other requirements.

Thanks to Snark!

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The Rasterbator, available as a website and as a stand-alone :


POSTERIZA is worth considering as well (although it isn't in development anymore) :


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blockposters.com also does something similar.
Might not have as many settings, but it's a website which is often more comfortable (no need for software installation and it's cross-platform etc').

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