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I am having a tough time getting some kind of organization to happen with my singles in itunes.

I enjoy electronic music and ultimately have a tons of songs that have been released as singles and thus have no album. If there are DJs out there -- how do you guys organize this?!

Itunes seems to love albums but if the song is a single it gets the ugly "Unknown Album" label. I've considered simply tagging the single tracks' album attribute with "Single" but sometimes a track can belong to an album and be considered a single.


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Why not just give the album the same name as the single? Back in the days of actual physical record/tape/CD singles this is how it was done.

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Create a play list called singles - playlists are the too you can use in your case of a single that is an album - otherwise I would create an album called singles.

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Running iTunes 11.4, I use a Smart Playlist with the parameter Comments contains Singles.

  • A regular playlist does not live update
  • This also permits the other fields (e.g. "Album", et. al.) to be manipulated independently of the singles grouping (which is really a meta piece of information about the album that may or may not apply to the album name itself).

As an aside, this approach allows a song to have multiple parameters to delineate its grouping. For instance, if I have Comments: Singles Foo, and Smart Playlists: Comments contains Singles & Comments contains Foo, then I can have the same song in two different places without having to do any clicking and dragging.

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