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Occasionally my Linksys router will drop all Wi-Fi connections if there are multiple wi-fi connections on the router. Sometimes the whole router will even crash when there are multiple wi-fi connections going to the same router.

For example, if i have my laptop using the wi-fi connection from my router, and my friend starts up his laptop to connect to the router via wi-fi, both our wi-fi connections will drop, and occasionally the whole router crashes.

I was wondering if this is a known issue and/or if there are any router settings I should take a look at. I had originally thought i just had a bad router, but after talking to one of my friends, he is having the same issue.

I can provide specific router info if need be (I am away from Home and do not have the the info right now).

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Look for newer firmware on Linksys website and see if it holds anything newer. This is your best guess from giving us 0 information about your Linksys model.

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Updating the firmware fixed the issue. – contactmatt Jan 31 '11 at 21:04

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