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I really become confuse :( I want to export a data block data(a table of data included header and column data) into an excel form. I use Oracle 6,would you please help me to solve my problem?

in our office we have so many policy I can not create every thing that I want. :(

would you please provide a complete example for me?

my Os is :Win XP, Oracle form v 6

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I don't understand your issue totaly but if you have Oracle form v6 on your client then i guess that you are talking to a database RDBMS version x SID x therefore you can use sqlplus (you find that in your V6 installation) and spool your table query to a csv file which you can open with excel.

You can explicitly format the query to produce a delimited string with something along the lines of:

start sqlplus

connect user/password@some database SID

set echo off

set feedback off

set linesize 1000

set pagesize 0

set sqlprompt ''

set trimspool on

set headsep off

spool output.csv

select '"'||column1||'","'||column2||'"' from table_name;

results... results...

spool off

open the csv file in excel

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