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I've installed Dragon Naturally Speaking 11, and it's running perfectly in English. I've been asked to get it to recognize Afrikaans (a local South African language), but I'm having trouble - as far as I understand it shouldn't be too difficult to import a dictionary and train it, but I can't find an extensive dictionary for the language.

I also read somewhere that using an Office 2007 spellcheck pack might work, but it doesn't seem to.

Does anybody have any suggestions as to the best process I should follow to install a non-standard language into Dragon Naturally Speaking?

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Sorry, currently Dragon NaturallySpeaking (as of version 11.5) does not recognise Afrikaans. If you speak English with an South-African accent, Dragon will understand you. A translator collegue tried the Dutch version of Dragon Professional 11.5 to dictate in Afrikaans, but Dragon would not accept the Afrikaans voice input, or at least not consistently. If you, as an Afrikaans speaker, are able to speak Dutch, you would not have any problems. We sell both the English and Dutch Dragon software (actually the Dutch version includes English as well as German and French), but I am sure there are Dragon retailers in SA. Good luck.

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There is no support for Afrikaans.

http://www.nuance.com/ucmprod/groups/dragon/@web-enus/documents/collateral/nc_017505.pdf :

Dragon Naturally Speaking is available in a number of languages and supports multiple accents as well:


  • English
  • French
  • German
  • Spanish
  • Italian
  • Dutch


  • Standard
  • Australian accented English
  • British accented English
  • Indian accented English
  • Inland Northern US (Great Lakes area)
  • Southern Asian accented English
  • Southern US
  • Spanish accented English

Dragon Dictate for Mac is available in a number of languages and supports multiple accents as well:


  • English
  • French
  • German
  • Italian


  • American
  • American – Inland Northern
  • American – Southern
  • American – Teens
  • Australian
  • British
  • Indian
  • Latino
  • Southeast Asian
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