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I could write this myself, but I want to know if it already exists.

Basically, it must fulfill these criteria:

  • To reorder items, the user must never have to manually renumber them. That would be annoying, and it doesn't scale.
  • Can read from a range of data sources (e.g. a database, a directory on the file system, a text file, another list)
  • When the original data source changes, the list must automatically change with it (possibly with confirmation, e.g. if a list item would be deleted)
  • Ability to persist the list ordering in some fashion
  • Graphical display of list items (so that they can include e.g. images)

Optional extras:

  • Ability to modify data and write back to the data source (other than the ordering information)
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Database packages can read from other database package formats as well as CSV textfiles, and can display images. Rows can be easily ordered.

Lists of files in a directory can be converted to line separated values with "dir * /b".

As for dynamically updating, it's probably possible with some scripting depending on your package choice. I think this will be the hardest requirement to satisfy.

Please clarify your quesiton;

  • What does it mean to "write data back to the source" when that source is a directory?
  • Will any concurrency be required? Eg source changing and database saving out simultaneously?
  • What format is "other list"?
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Writing back to a directory could mean creating a new, empty file, or creating a file with some specified data in it if the first column is the filename and the second column is some representation of data in the file. Concurrency is not required. By being able to use another list as a data source, I really just mean at minimum being able to take a list created by another instance of the program, and clone its ordering and data source, which should not be a problem. HOWEVER: If the ordering is stored IN the database table, the two lists need to be independently orderable. – Robin Green Nov 16 '10 at 11:21

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