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I have a column:

C1: 0:8:35 
C2: 0:8:40 
C3: 0:8:45 
and so on.

D1: 0:8:40

I'm trying this :

VLOOKUP(C2,C1..C30,1,TRUE) returns: 0:8:40

(1 - we have one column) (TRUE - range lookup - should give the closest number in ascending order !

When I try VLOOKUP(D1,c1..c30,1,TRUE) returns 0:8:35

Altough C2 and D1 have the exact same value (if(c2=d1, "ok", "not ok") returns OK.

I am using range lookup so I can find also 0:8:36 ect...

Any ideas ?

IMPORTANT EDIT: it works ok when you enter the numbers in the search column. if you create the list using 0:8:35 and each next cell as the previous + 0:0:05 - than the error occurs !! checked the evaluation of the calculation and in both case it's evaluates to the same number, but yields different results !

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using Trunc(c1,16) fix it..... although they are exactly the same only after trunc it works.

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Always use false instead of true.

False gets you the exact match.
True gets you similar matches.

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In this case I needed a range match and not exact match. – Dani Nov 20 '10 at 6:06

Try copying the 'format' of c1 into D1 and see if that helps.

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it didn't help. it is a bug, but I've found a solution. – Dani Nov 16 '10 at 19:29

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