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I use Palemoon (a Firefox build) on Windows 7 x64 and I've recently migrated from RoboForm to LastPass for my password keeping needs.

The only thing I miss from RoboForm, was it's ability to let me create and use SearchCards. So, is there any add-on or service that imitates the ability to create my own 1-step and 3-step searches (by recording search macros) as I used to do with RoboForm's SearchCards?

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I've started using OpenSearch and while Mycroft project is helping, still I can't replicate the 3-step SearchCards I had created, so I am continuing looking for an alternative... – Saxtus Nov 22 '10 at 4:04
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Try iMacros for IE / Firefox / Chrome. That is a free web browser macro recorder addon, and you can automate all kinds of web browsing. Automating a Google or Bing search is very easy with it. (see the free addons on the right!)

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