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Is there any way to ignore certain nicks with Irssi?

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/ignore <nick> should do it for one person, but there are many more options in case you want to match more people.

From the irssi manual:

10.1 Manual ignoring

Irssi's ignoring options should be enough for everyone :)

/IGNORE [-regexp | -word] [-pattern <pattern>] [-replies] [-except]
        [-channels <channel>] <mask> <levels> <^levels>

    -regexp: <pattern> is a regular expression
    -word: <pattern> must match to full words
    -pattern: <pattern> must match to the message's text
    -replies: Ignore replies to nick in channels. For example
              "/IGNORE -replies *!*@*.fi PUBLIC" ignores everyone
          from Finland, but also anyone sending message
          "tofinnishnick: blahblah".
    -except: *DON'T* ignore
    -channels: Ignore only in channels
    <mask>: Either a nick mask or list of channels
    <levels>: List of levels to ignore
    <^levels>: List of levels to NOT ignore
               (/ignore -except nick notices = /ignore nick ^notices)

/UNIGNORE <ref#> | <mask>

/IGNORE without any arguments displays list of ignores.

The best match always wins, so you can have:

    /IGNORE -except *!* CTCPS
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Note that if you use /ignore <nick>, you must /save to make it stick. (This will update your config file, ruining any indentation.)

I find it easier to do this directly in ~/.irssi/config:

ignores = (
  # possibly lots of other stuff
  { mask = "idiotnick";   level = "ALL"; },
  { mask = "spammernick"; level = "ALL"; }

If Irssi is running, use /reload to bring the changes to life.

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