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Is there a way to set the processor speed of a Virtual Machine? I'm currently using VirtualBox on a Mac OS X Host, but other options would also be interesting.

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I'm not aware of a Hypervisor where you can say you want a x GHz CPU, but CPU quotas might be what could help achieve your goal. A quick Google search yielded me which has planned Mac OS support, though I couldn't find a downloadable version for Mac OS, so I'm not sure it will work. With that tool you can limit the maximum CPU utilization of a process to a specified value, thus effectively limiting the CPU speed (say you have a 2 GHz CPU and you want a 1,6GHz CPU in your VM a limit of 80% will do roughly what you want).

For Parallels there is another way using a tool found here.

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Thanks, that sounds really useful. I'll wait a day or so until accepting an answer in case anything else pops up. – Lizzan Nov 17 '10 at 12:18

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