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I transfer files from one computer to another by LAN connection. Exact configuration looks like this: - laptop ==> [ WIFI ] => router => [ cable LAN ] ==> desktop PC

  • this WIFI connection has "nominal" speed of 54 Mb/s
  • LAN is 100 Mb/s

Maximum transfer speed I get is somewhere around 12 Mb/s thous 1.5 MB/s.

Why can't I reach this 54 Mb/s or at least something more then 12 Mb/s ? What can be the problem?

OS: Windows XP

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You may wish to look at this article.

It shows how much encryption affects Network transfer speeds. You don't mention it but I would imagine you are using some form of encryption on your wireless network. Also is shows how far away from getting the 100% 54MB/s speeds consumer hardware actually is.

Plus then you have to look at other bottlenecks in the ecosystem. other Hardware, activities that could be slowing down the transfer speeds.

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Verify that all of your devices are supporting 802.11g ( or n ). It would appear something may still be running 802.11b, as the theoretical fastest throughput for 802.11b is 11 Mbps.

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You are not saying if you are behind a physical wall and the wifi card you are using in your laptop. If you're using a wifi adapter which includes an antenna you can make the antenna point torward the router. Try updating or replacing the wifi card.

Try doing other combinations:

a) laptop ==> [ cable LAN ] => router => [ wifi ] ==> desktop PC

b) laptop <== [ cable LAN ] <= router <= [ wifi ] <== desktop PC

c) laptop <== [ wifi ] <= router <= [ cable LAN ] <== desktop PC

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