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I have a wireless Logitech mouse with a USB receiver. I am trying to connect it to a Dell laptop with Windows7 64bit. The first time I put it in a USB port, Windows 7 tries to detect it and install a driver but I get a "Device driver was not successfully installed". It does this when I try other USB ports. Device manager doesn't show anything new being installed.

However I can't get Windows 7 to try again if I reinsert the USB receiver. It seems Win7 either installed something or has a flag that the device doesn't work properly.

I need to have Win7 in clear state as if I am putting the USB device in for the first time. How do I do this so that every time I insert the USB device, Win7 tries to install the device driver. (I don't care if it doesn't install the driver successfully at the time). I am trying to find out why it's failing and I need the details info.

(I installed SetPoint, the mouse software, and the laptop still can't detect the mouse)

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In Device Manager, click on the View menu and then Show hidden devices. Delete the broken ones. Refresh the window or restart Windows.

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