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I am a total databases noob, hence please be gentle.

I am looking for tutorials how to create a SQL table, how to start a SQL server, and what software to use on fedora. Would anyone share links to good tutorials?

Also, what software should I use to create SQL table and to start the server? I am on fedora 9.

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There are a few popular SQL database management systems shipped with Fedora. Here are some how-tos for the most popular:

MySQL: (skip to the MySQL part)


After you have installed the software, you can create your databases manually using the shell (each database system ships with a set of commands which allow running SQL statements), or you can install a web-based tool. These show the structure of your databases graphically.

For MySQL:

For PostgreSQL:

I should also point out that in order to create a table you need to create database to contain it. Take a look at SQLzoo for a basic introduction into how it works.

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