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I've setup a dozens of tasks on the Windows Task Scheduler. Everything is working fine but now I am concerned about being able to re-create these tasks if the PC needs to be replaced. The problem is that I have the timing staggered for these tasks and it would be really tedious to have to create each one all over again.

Is there a way to "export" my tasks and "import" them on another PC?

If it makes any difference, I am working on windows XP.
BTW, if I can export/import, will it work across XP and windows 7?

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Windows XP stores the Scheduled Tasks as *.job files, so navigate to the folder and copy them. You should be able to import them by simply double-clicking on each one in the newer Windows. You may need to reset authentication on them anyway.

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Copying and running .job files will suffice on another XP machine, however they won't work on Vista/Win7 because scheduled tasks are stored as .xml files and can only be imported that way.

Additionaly, as they point out here, there is no way to convert .job files to xml. Nevertheless, in that topic a script is suggested as a solution to ease the migration process. You might want to try it out if you're planning to move to Win7.

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