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I am looking for an alternative to Softerra's LDAP Administrator, simply for the price is over-budget for a small team to test the LDAP credentials.

So I really appreciate if someone can point me to some other alternatives for a Windows-based environment. We've got our Active Directory setup already, I only need a tool to confirm the access as a proof to customers. Sorry I am not a security guru, I am quite the opposite...

Thanks for any suggestion in advance!

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Softerra LDAP Browser v.4.5 is a free alternative to Softerra LDAP Administrator.

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Is there a reason not to use free Eclipse-based Apache Directory Studio?

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While Apache DS is nice and functional, it is quite heavy on disk and memory.

I personally prefer LBE which is about 600K, Java and the same JAR works on Windows, Mac and Linux.

Also much faster to start and configure than Apache DS. What I love about Apache DS is that you can export to CSV or XLS (Though that never works for me) instead of just LDIF. When I need CSV output, I fire up ApacheDS just for that.

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