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Can someone provide lead to get Windows Event Log Generator tool for Windows 2008 R2 Server. As I need to fill the Log file for a specific application.

Early help will be appreciated.

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Have you tried the built-in eventcreate utility?

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Try the link , it has a tool which can generate almost all the event logs.

From the website:

Event Log Generator is a simple application designed to create custom Windows event logs Usage

Simply run the executable. All fields are required and cannot be left blank. Note that some event logs can only be viewed or modified by a user with administrative permissions. If you get a warning about this when you run the application, you have a few options:

Log out and log back in as the administrator Give your account administrative permissions Right click the application and select "run as", then select an administrative account to use. This is the recommended method.


During our SIEM implementation, it became necessary to write regular expressions against collected logs, so they could be normalized and correlated. I created this application to generate logs so I could test my regex's against them

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