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added a new 1tb drive to my system. It shows up in BIOS fine, but not in Explorer.

Where do I go to format the drive, I can't find the utility on Windows 7.

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Mac has Disk Utility, Linux has GParted et al, but what does Windows use? That I don't know. I always booted from a Linux LiveCD for this problem. – jweede Aug 11 '09 at 17:36

If the drive is not showing up in explorer its likely because its not formatted in a format that Windows recognizes. You can open the Disk Management console by running diskmgmt.msc from the run dialog. You should then see your new disk there. You can then create a new partition and format it as you would like.

Alternatively, if you like the command line you can use the diskpart.exe utility.

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Alternately you can right click on My Computer and go to Manage. Then under Storage > Disk Managemnt you can format the drive. – Nate Aug 11 '09 at 17:49

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