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some lab computers at my university have sftp disabled. However, I have normal ssh access. Obviously I don't have root permissions on these computers.

I need to transfer a fair amount of VHDL to/from these. I could use, fx:

ssh user@lab1 cat file > local_copy

-and tarball it all up, but that is plain ugly. I would rather mount through sftp so I can use my own local editor, but given the circumstances...

And I belive that SSHFS (the FUSE module) depends on sftp... :/

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Just found shfs but it seems rather old. No package for ubuntu. – user42806 Nov 21 '10 at 17:24
Not sure what shfs is, but sshfs is under active development. Build source if no Ubuntu package. – user31752 Nov 21 '10 at 17:57

If sftp is merely missing, as opposed to actively forbidden (which I'm not sure is even possible if you have full command line access), obtain an sftp-server binary for the right architecture and version of OpenSSH, and specify its path when calling sftp or sshfs:

sftp -s /path/to/sftp-server user@lab1
sshfs -o sftp_server=/path/to/sftp-server user@lab1:/ /path/to/mount/point

If your local editor is Emacs, you don't need all that: Tramp can use many different methods including ssh and ssh+scp.

If you prefer to maintain a local copy of all the files, you can use Unison (like rsync, but bidirectional) to keep them in synch.

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Thanks for the -o sftp_server; I was consistently missing it in the docs until found here. :) Works for me in the dropbear + openssh-sftp-server combination. – atzz Jul 6 '12 at 17:30

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