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Using Explorer I'm able to create a new folder on the harddrive with not problem, but when I try to create a new folder on my network drive, Explorer hangs and just keeps creating new folders.
I have to shutdown Explorer to get it to stop, and then I have to delete all the new folders that were created.... "New Folder", "New Folder (1)", "New Folder (2)", "New Folder (3)", etc. Sometimes as many as 100+.

The Network is a SnapServer NAS device.

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That sounds quite impossible. What do the names of the folders look like? Also some more info would help about your network structure and where the network shares are located. – harrymc Nov 21 '10 at 19:28
The Network is a SnapServer NAS device. When I click on the "New Folder" button, it appears that Explorer has frozen. So I click the X to close it, and a dialog box appears stating that Explorer is not responding. So I click to close it. When I view the NAS device, I see New Folder, New Folder (1), New Folder (2), New Folder (3), etc. I just keeps creating new folders until I can get Explorer to shutdown. This last time it created 79 new folders. – jhrBanker Nov 22 '10 at 2:28

Use the Snap Server's configuration web page and go to: Network Settings -> Microsoft Networking and click on the button "Advanced" Unmark the following two items and let the Snap Server Restart - Enable Opportunistic Locking - Enable NT SMBs

That did the trick on my Windows 7/Snap Server combo.

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