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I'm trying to set up a tftp server on my notebook (using Ubuntu 10.4). I've come across many tutorials, however some refer to tftp-hpa and others to tftp. I've noticed that both exist on the repositories, and after reading a while, I understand that hpa is an enhanced version.

Should I prefer one over the other for some strong reason? Right now I'll settle with the one that works (can't get a file so far).

Thanks in advance.

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Well, the tftpd-hpa description says:

tftp-hpa is an enhanced version of the BSD TFTP client and server. It possesses a number of bugfixes and enhancements over the original.

So you should certainly choose the -hpa version, unless you are required to use the BSD version for some reason (which doesn't seem your case). BTW, you can also check atftpd package.

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