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Does anyone know how to convert a GIF file to a CUR file for use as a CSS cursor on a Mac? I've seen several applications for Windows that do this, but nothing yet for Mac. Is there anything out there?

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I recently had to look a solution as well for a client request. I came across a freeware /donation-suggested plug-in for Photoshop available:

I know the answer comes years later but I hope this helps someone.

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Looked everywhere, found nothing :-(. Nearest possibility I found was the source code for a Gimp plug-in (for Windows, but at least there is some source):

Gimp is available for OS X at least, so you may be able to convert the plugin if it uses no internal windows APIs.

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Download winebottler and AniFX, install AniFX into a standalone bottle. That's what I did. You'll need X11 as well.

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Graphic Converter for Mac will save to a .cur file format.

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