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I use a MacBook Pro. Sometimes I want to pause the execution of a long heavy-duty experiment running on my system because I am on battery or for any other reason. Is there a way to do it in Eclipse ? Or even in Mac OS X itself ?

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Related question on s.o. ( ), but presumes that you've started the java program in eclipse in debug mode. It appears that is the only perspective in which there is a pause (suspend) button. Otherwise, indeed, signals (sigstop/sigcont sent via kill) can be used to pause/resume running processes. If an app is running in the foreground, ctrl+z (typically) sends sigstop signal; jobs and fg {job_num} to resume. – michael_n Jan 15 '12 at 8:43
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if your process id is 1234, stop processing with kill -SIGSTOP 1234, resume with kill -SIGCONT 1234

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