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Can anybody tell me how to use headphone with microphone on Mac Mini???

I have an HP Headphone (with microphone), I am able to connect headphone but the microphone does not appear to be working

Please tell me any solution for this.

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First, make sure your microphone is connected to the minijack input port.

Check your settings in "System Preferences" > "Sound". There should be a tab for selecting audio input devices, where you should be able to select "Line-in" as input source.

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Standard headset microphones probably won't work with the Mac's microphone port. It only takes line level input, whereas the microphone is producing a much weaker signal. This needs to be amplified before being input to the Mac.

The most common solution is just to get an external sound card (for instance, a Griffin iMic, which connects via USB) to connect your headphones.

Alternatively, most Macs come with a built-in microphone (although if one doesn't it'd be the Mac Mini). If you connect a pair of headphones, the internal microphone is useable for VoIP, at least in the short term.

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