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I have a software that accesses a website, I want to monitor what website is it accessing and block that website. Is there a software similar to "windows task manager" that allows you to monitor software that accesses a website? I want to know what website/server is it accessing so I could then block it. And Is there an alternative way to block aside from "host" file?


FYI: running on Win7

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The built-in firewall itself will handle this.

Go to Control Panel > Windows Firewall. Choose Advanced settings.

Select Outbound Rules. From the Action menu, choose New Rule.

Follow the prompts to create a rule specific to the problem program.

If you really want to know exactly what data is being sent where, use Wireshark. Windows Firewall can block connections to just the offending IP address, perhaps leaving the application with limited internet access to perform other more desirable functions. (Note that this is a terrible idea as software is hardly immutable).

As an aside, unless this is a one-of-a-kind application that you can't live without, consider uninstalling it. Any code exhibiting this kind of unwanted behavior probably doesn't belong on your system.

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Use this free Outbound firewall utility, it integrates into the W7 firewall, makes it easier to block specific programs from reaching the internet.


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