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Internet Explorer 7 on Windows XP SP3

I'm try to enable Content Advisor in Internet Options under Content. I have a custom Ratings System file that I want to use. When I try to add the contentadvisor.rat Rating System file I get the following error.

alt text

My contentadvisor.rat file:

  (PICS-version 1.0)
  (name "contentadvisor")
  (description "A fake rating service that doesn't rate anything.")
  (rating-system "")
  (rating-service "")
    (transmit-as "Please Use The Approved Sites Tab Instead!")
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I re-created the contentadvisor.rat file in Notepad. Instead of copying the contents in I retyped everything and saved it. IE 7 does not give a syntax error on the new file, even the contents of the file look exactly the same as it did before.

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