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I am using the NETWORKDAYS formula to count days between 2 days for a series of different transaction dates. I want the count to exclude weekends and holidays on each transaction date. However, the result doesn't come out as I expected.

For example, the transaction between 1/26 and 1/27 should have been 1 day, but it is counted as 2 days. Is there any easy way to count the days? I have tried to use a simple formula such as =C9-C8, which would give me 1 day. Because I have a large amount of data to work with, it would be very difficult use that approach and excluding weekends and holidays.



Date on Column C    Result on Column F   Row 7: 1/20/10 12:00 AM           
Row 8: 1/26/10 12:00 AM          5       Row 9: 1/27/10 12:00 AM             2
Row10: 1/28/10 12:00 AM          2
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I think it is because it includes both the start and the end date in the calculation. So I think you are really close, and just need take your count and minus 1 out of it. Something like this -

=(NETWORKDAYS(C8,C9,holiday!$A$106:$A$117)) - 1

Does this make sense?

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It works perfectly for what I need. Thanks a lot! – user56517 Nov 23 '10 at 17:37
You mind marking this as the answer since it sounds like it fixed your problem? Thanks. – Ben Jones May 31 '11 at 14:05

NETWORKDAYS counts both days, since both are working days. Think of it as a "how many working days are between 1/26 00:00 am and 1/27 00:00 am" function.

In order to achieve what you want, you could mix that up with an IF function.


There might be a more elegant way to do it, though.

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Thanks a lot for your help. – user56517 Nov 23 '10 at 17:37

Networkdays does not account for saturdays and sundays e.g. start day: Friday End-day: Monday (networkdays-1 will result in '1' which is precisely what you want) but when start-day: Satday or Sunday End-day: Monday (networkdays-1 will result in '0' which is not the correct answer) we have to adjust for these weekends by ourselves using weekday function.

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I don't have Excel 2007 but that's not the way it works in other versions of Excel, plus even if it does work that way in 2007, this isn't an answer, it's a best a comment. – blm Jan 17 at 18:41

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